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Help & Info about Desktop Calendar for windows

  • 1. What is Desktop Calendar?

    Desktop Calendar is an easy-to-use, attractive calendar for desktop computers that sticks to the basics and isn’t laden with unnecessary extra features. Right-click any cell on the calendar and type in your text to manage to-do lists, appointments, schedules, etc. Have a color assigned so that the cell stands out from other cells.
  • 2. Is this calendar free?

    Yes, you can download and use this calendar for free, and it would remain free forever. You can donate to the makers if you want. The file size is 3.4MB approximately and the application works with Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and also Windows 10. By the way, the calendar is 100 percent secured by VirusTotal.
  • 3. How easy is the download and installation process?

    Head to the official Desktop Calendar website and download the program file. The installation process thereafter is the usual drill. It’s speedy and should not take more than a minute. A pop-up window would then appear seeking certain configurations. Once done, you will have the calendar on your desktop. To increase or decrease size, click at the top-right corner of the calendar.
  • 4. Who is this calendar for?

    If you like traditional wall calendars and wished digital desktop calendars worked just like them, you would like Desktop Calendar. You can record appointments, future events, or almost anything that you would imagine writing on a wall calendar on this digital calendar.
  • 5. Who would not enjoy this calendar?

    Desktop Calendar takes a clutter-free approach and embraces subtle looks, which its patrons like. But the ones that are not truly fascinated by this calendar are people who complain about the calendar being a bit too basic. They whine about the calendar lacking certain useful features. In other words, this isn’t the calendar for you if you want everything a calendar could possibly have.
  • 6. How customizable is the calendar?

    Desktop Calendar may look pretty minimalistic from the outside (which is definitely pleasing) but it also supports customizations. For instance, you can fiddle with the calendar’s background, colors, cells, rows, fonts, opacity, separation of months, etc. Chosen festivals would get displayed as common holidays.
  • 7. Will the calendar impede my computer’s performance?

    Desktop Calendar is an extremely lightweight calendar with a simple and clean interface. The resources it needs for processing are minimal. As a result, it doesn’t lag or stutter. You should, therefore, not see the calendar hurting your computer’s performance when it’s running in the background.
  • 8. Does this calendar have ‘organizer’ features?

    This calendar works as an organizer as well. It offers a complete desktop view and is packed with organizer capabilities. As aforementioned, the calendar lets you write on it and organizes the months and days well. The organizing features aren’t the most exhaustive but the basics are certainly covered.
  • 9. What features does this calendar miss?

    The calendar is definitely more than just a rudimentary desktop calendar. However, if they were a few more features, the calendar would have been even better. For instance, the notification system could have been better and there should have been the option to group or color-code tasks.
  • 10. Will this replace a paid calendar app?

    That again, depends on the person using this calendar. Quite a lot of people would be happy with this calendar. But people who want to get a lot more things done or want their calendar to have every possible feature under the sun would head toward paid calendars.


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